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Excellent wall and ceiling lights are important in creating the kind of environment that transforms a house into a home. So you would think that many new homeowners take their living room ceiling lights seriously. But in our experience, the reverse is true. Sure, people see lighting as important, but only because we cannot be living in the dark like Batman. Many homeowners do not consider the other important aspect of living room lighting – how it affects your mood.

Now, that is not to say that things have not changed somewhat in recent times. Living room ceiling lights have become much more of a statement in the home. Some homeowners even hire designers to experiment with size, scale and shape – not to mention fabric and finishes. The need to turn living room lights into a statement has led to incredible, innovative ideas in the decoration of living room spaces.

Without a doubt, lighting has earned itself some serious design credibility. But how do you find the best combo of light sources to create what the ‘enlightened ones’ call ‘Layered Lighting? Because when your lighting works at every level – literally – and balances form and function, that’s when your room can be totally transformed.

So if you need fresh ideas, we have selected our top 3 lighting ideas to turn your living room ceiling into a work of art.

  1. Light Up Dark Living Room Corners.

A dark living room corner with little or no lighting may sound uninviting – but not always. In a living room, a dark corner can be the perfect excuse for creating a nice reading space.

Find an armchair that suits your scheme and then get a floor lamp that you can install just behind. Or one with a base that’s designed to tuck underneath so the shade sits right above your seat and your book is in the spotlight. Who says lamps can’t be task lights? Plus, when you’re not with a book in hand, you can use it to show off your armchair. Kill 2 birds with one stone.

  1. Layer Your Lighting.

Remember when we mentioned layered living room lighting before?. Lighting is a brilliant way of creating texture in a room. If your living room lighting design stopped at ceiling lights or wall lights, it would feel flat.

Unlike American homes, Irish living rooms are typically smaller. Regardless of the size of your living room, you need at least three different sources of light so there’s illumination at every level. Start with your ceiling lights by considering spotlights or chandeliers. Work your way down to just above eye level with wall lights and then to table lamps. Also consider LED strip lighting along shelves, floor lamps and candles.

  1. Create A Mood.

Living room lighting ideas start with how to build mood and atmosphere. This is a room that will probably be used every day of the week: at morning, noon and night. So you might want to consider a different level of ambience at different times of day. This is where the question of how to use your lighting matters as much as what you choose to use.

If you want to splurge a little for your Irish home, dimmers and lighting control systems are great ways to get all of your light sources to work together. In the day, you might want your room to feel alive and bright so you could have your living room ceiling lights on full, but a wall or table lamp dimmed slightly. In the evening, you can turn up the softer lamp light so it lights up your living room in a more soothing way than earlier in the day.

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