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At Rossa, we already understand that proper LED lighting already gives a business excellent competitive over their competition. Retail psychology says that shopping is all about the experience for a lot of customers, and this is very true for most physical businesses. So it is no surprise that customers are usually attracted to brightly lit spaces, parks and shopping centres. 

Bright, not tacky, lights encourage customers to stay around for much longer. This further encourages the customers to spend more money within your shop spaces or your shopping centres. And this leads to more revenue which equals more profit.

As far as design is involved, Lighting is one of the most important details in a retail space and can have a huge impact on the business. As already mentioned above, with the correct LED lighting, you can increase revenue by boosting sales and even reducing costs using certain lights. 

But without further ado, let us look at 3 more ways you can use good LED lighting to improve your revenue.

1 – Create a More Welcoming Environment For Customers. 

LED lights have varying degrees of color temperature or CCT. So when the wrong type of lights are used in the wrong space, it could seem ‘uninviting’ to customers. That is not what you want. Part of choosing the right lighting, therefore, is selecting the right color temperature. A cool white light is great if you want to make your space look larger, but go for warm lighting (lower CCT) if you want to create a more intimate and welcoming mood. This will often encourage buyers to stay longer and come back again.


2 – ‘Lead’ Your Customers with smart LED Lighting.

Strategic Lighting can also boost sales. As it can be used to draw customers to different areas of the store that they would not otherwise go to. IKEA Dublin has a really good system of implementing good lighting and floor directions to good use. 

This technique encourages customers to explore the whole space. Similarly, you can use back lighting on your shelves to draw the eye down the store and guide customers to different areas.

 Also, strategic LED lighting also works well on display windows and will and will attract random passers-by into your store. However, remember to use high CRI (color rendering index) lighting, which will accurately show the true colors of your products and make them look their best.

3 – Good LED Lighting Can Reduce Energy and Maintenance Costs.

Feels like deja-vu? Well that’s because it is. But we cannot stress this benefit enough! Switching to LED lighting will not only boost revenue, it will also help you save money by lowering your costs. 

Energy costs are one of the top expenses for businesses, and because LED lights are so much cheaper to operate, they can drastically reduce your energy bills up to 50%. Similarly, LED lights are also very low-maintenance, and you could actually decrease your annual maintenance costs significantly by making the switch. 

So what are you waiting for? 

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