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Before we begin, we at Rossa Lighting will say a thing or two about having your Christmas lights installed by a professional. Pros are a great comfort for business owners, since they have all the gear necessary for doing a safe and thorough job. Many of them are valued Rossa Lighting clients, and we can’t urge you strongly enough to use a professional service when it comes to putting up the lights outside your place of business.

That said, a professional light-hanging crew may not be in your budget. Or, maybe it’s your vision and you want it done right. Whichever of these describes you, we have put some tips on how to achieve a customer-impressing outdoor Christmas light display.

  1. Safety First.

When hanging lights, you’ll be dealing with height and electricity. So think about :

1) The electrical source: You should plug your lights into a covered, outdoor outlet that has a ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) outlet. 

 2) The Height: You don’t need a fancy ladder. You need a strong one. A standard step ladder can work, as long as it’s tall enough, strong enough, and your ground is level enough for the ladder to stand securely.

Now that you’ve got the right type of outlet and a reliable ladder, let’s move on to the safety of the lights themselves:

  1. Use Lights that are Made for Outside.

Look on the box when you buy your lights. And make sure it says that the lights inside are cleared for use outdoors. Also, any piece of electrical gear involved in your Christmas lights display should have a tag saying it is at least IP45 rated. At Rossa Lighting, all lights are IP45 rated (protected from rain ingress).


  1. Choose The ‘Type’ of Light. 

We’ve already talked about light safety. Now, how about light beauty? For instance, are you looking for a traditional Christmas glow? Or are you looking for vivid, comtemporary color?

Whether you like the classic C7 or C9 incandescent Christmas light bulb or more vivid LED lights , Rossa Lighting has a selection of lights that are just as festive as they are energy efficient. 

  1. Have a Plan

Do not carry a single light string up your ladder until you have an idea what your finished display should look like.


  • Measure to know how many lights you’ll need.


Just as it is best to measure carefully before cutting wood, it is important to measure before you even go out to buy your lights. Measure your space in every direction and then decide how many feet of light strings your design is going to require. 


  • Think About the Desired Effect


Where do you want people to look? Where do you want most of the attention focused? How do you want your lights to flow? We want to help you enhance the beauty of your business with a display people will find a joy to behold, not an assault on the senses.


  • Landmarks & Points of Focus


What’s the outstanding feature of your business’s interior or exterior? A dramatic roofline? An eye-catching entrance? Wherever the eye seems to go to first when you look at your place of business is an excellent place to begin. 


In case all this seems overwhelming, do not forget that most times Simple is Best. The idea of decorating for the holidays is to celebrate YOUR way. If a lot of planning is not for you, then it does not have to be!


The Rossa Lighting Team.

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