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First of all, do not wire your Christmas lights through your garage’s light switch, or you could suffer a potential electric disaster. You also do not want to be the cause of a city-wide power shortage, or you might have to answer to Santa and Mandy. Such were the mishaps that were faced by Clark Griswold and his family in the family-friendly xmas movie, National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation.

Untangling Christmas lights can be a pain, especially since you have them stored in your attic for nearly 50 weeks at a time. So in order for you to avoid a National Lampoon-type Xmas disaster, we will share some advice on how to properly measure the volts/voltage on your Christmas lights. This could help prevent electrical harm to you or your loved one. 

To Begin:

The first thing to know is that Christmas lights consume very little electricity. Mini-bulbs, or little incandescent bulbs, have been around for a long time and use about the same amount of energy as a standard light bulb. LED lights are also becoming increasingly popular, and they consume up to 98 percent less energy than mini-bulbs. This is also why we sell a lot of LED lights in our Meath showroom. However, it is required to have a basic understanding of electrical measurements in order to understand the quantity of power used.

The voltage details of most strands should be on the package, however tags can break off or the information can be worn away over time. After all, Christmas lights aren’t exactly high-priced items.

As seen on doityourself.com, figure out how many lights are in your string. Most strands come in even quantities like 50 or 100, so this should be simple. If your outlet is 120 volts and you have 100 Christmas lights, simply divide 120 by 100 to get an approximate value of roughly 1.2. 

The table below shows you a good breakdown of the wattage of various lights.

Right off the bat, you can see that LED lights have very low voltage output compared to incandescent lights. That also means that the potential for an electrical hazard is greatly lessened.

Luckily for you, understanding complex electrical jargon is not necessary. This is because LED rope Christmas lights are available over the counter in most local stores, and are far less hazardous than non LED lights. So 

So there you have it, to prevent a National Lampoon disaster, simply visit our website HERE and look through our selection of safe and eco-friendly LED Christmas Rope Lights.

Thank you 

The Rossa Team. 


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