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How to Take Care of Your Natural Noble and Nordmann Fir Christmas Trees.

Fir Christmas trees are a special breed of Christmas tree, mainly due to how differently they look – compared to cypress trees. 

Sometimes even confused with pine trees and spruce trees, a fir tree is an evergreen coniferous tree with upright cones and flat needle-shaped leaves, typically arranged in two rows. And this tree has proven to be a Christmas winner in Irish homes that want to make a difference during the Christmas festive season. 

Although originally a North-American tree, several types of fir trees can be found around the Emerald island of Ireland. Including the Douglas Fir, Balsam Fir, Fraser fir, the Noble Fir and the Nordmann fir trees.

The most popular Christmas fir trees you are likely to find in an Irish home are the Noble and Nordmann Firs. They are very well known for their citrus-like fragrance, slow-needle drop and their ability to last up to 6 weeks in water.

Tree Care.

Now, onto the important stuff. Here are the things you should consider if you want a fresh Noble fir or Nordmann tree as a Christmas centrepiece in your home.

  1. Select a Healthy Tree.

This may seem like common sense, but we cannot stress this enough. Make sure you are not in a rush when you go Fir Christmas shopping. Set a whole day aside if you need to, and give yourself ample time. 

Look for a tree with the least amount of brown needles, as that is a sign that the tree is still fresh. Another good tip is to run your hands on the needles from top to bottom. A healthy fir tree would not lose its needles if you do so.

2. Make a Fresh Cut at the Base of the Tree.

Once you have selected your tree, cut off approximately one-half inch before placing the tree in a stand. This removes any dried-up resin that may be preventing the tree from absorbing water. If you’re not going to put your tree up right away when you get home, put it in a pail that can hold 1 gallon of water easily. 

3. Water Regularly.

Once your tree is set up in its pot/pail, make sure to add water to it regularly. Too little water causes resin to form and will prevent your tree from absorbing much needed water to its needles. 

Note: A tree may take up a gallon of water in the first 24 hours. A quart a day after that is enough, as long as the tree’s base is covered.

4. Place Away from Heat Sources.

I’m pretty certain you want to place your Christmas Fir tree by your lit fireplace. Looks great in the photos, right? Well you should totally avoid this as this takes away moisture and reduces the tree’s life. Keep away from other heat sources such as sunny windows, radiators, heating vents and wooden stoves.

5. Energy Control

This is a simple duty of care. Always make sure to turn off the lights on the tree when not in use. For example, when everyone is going to bed or if you’re going out of the house. Also select Christmas lights that are low-energy consuming from your local store. Miniature LED lights are perfect as the heat they emanate is not as harsh as your standard halogen and incandescent light bulbs. 

And there you have it. 5 simple things to do so that your Noble and Nordmann Fir Christmas trees can last longer. Should all else fail, you can always make a quick stop at IKEA 😊. Check out our online showroom to select the perfect low-energy Christmas lights for your festive needs. 

Or even better, feel free to walk into our warehouse located in Unit 39, Kells Business Park in County Meath, Ireland.

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