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Imagine yourself out and about during the holiday period. You are looking for the perfect Christmas gift, which shop are you most likely going to enter, one with a beautiful Christmas display, or a plain store with no lights up?

Holiday Decorations Matter

Getting people into your business during the all-important holiday season is all about marketing. How do you set yourself apart from the rest of the competition? Studies have been done about this very thing and, overwhelmingly, they show that more than likely you are going to walk into the store that has the decorations. There is something about the warm feeling that comes over shoppers and customers when they see holiday decorations that causes them to want to step inside and look around. More importantly, these customers tend to want to buy.

Decorating includes all the standard things you might think of such as trees, wreaths and garland, but it is also other subtler things. For example, the holiday music track set low and, in the background, has an almost subliminal effect on people.

All Businesses Can Benefit

A great display gets word-of-mouth buzz. By arranging your products around your display, it can encourage spending. No matter what you sell or what service you provide, grabbing people’s attention will lead them into your store. The best way to grab someone’s attention during the festive period is to have a great Christmas display.

Decorating Takes Planning

Of course, to get the right holiday decorations for your company you must plan ahead. You want those customers to start pouring in right around November. By planning months in advance, you can ensure that the decorations get out to your business at just the right time and get set up quickly to have the maximum impact for customers and business. So, rather than waiting at the last minute, it makes sense to get it all sorted even now.

By planning and establishing a schedule for when the holiday display gets installed, you can take a major step towards planning a more positive holiday season. Of course, just having a few decorations up is no guarantee of success, but every advantage has to be considered when looking for that competitive advantage.

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