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Top Tips prior to a Lighting Project

by | May 2, 2016

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Hi, James here from Rossa Lighting. We at Rossa Lighting were discussing our plans for the year and we felt that our customers may appreciate a recap of some key elements to keep in mind prior to undertaking a lighting project (in particular Christmas Lights) , be it for your business or town council etc. This is just a quick overview of some areas to keep in mind so as to ensure whatever lighting project you are working on rolls out at smoothly as possible.

  • Early ordering to allow planning, design and manufacture process.

By talking to us as early as possible in the process there are a number of key benefits, it allows the planning, design and manufacturing process to flow plus ensures that everything relating to the lighting project gets addressed and resolved in a timely manner. From our experience it is never too early to contact us and start a conversation and we will always welcome customers or potential customers talking to us about whatever lighting concepts they are considering.

  • Regional culture, location of place and colour scheme required

Through our extensive knowledge of working with a variety of customers across a multitude of industry sectors, we have come to understand that culture and location can have a big impact on what lighting scheme best suits each customer. What works in one location may not necessarily suit another location and it is important to keep that mind. But as with the first bullet point, keeping the culture and location at the forefront of your lighting plan is a great starting point for a successful project.

  • Colour Scheme Required

Knowing what colour scheme you desire is also a key element to the process, we at Rossa Lighting offer numerous colour possibilities and will be happy to advise you.

  • Special features involved (any roundabouts, buildings, parks, trees, shopping centre hallways etc. that could be accentuated).

Whatever concept you have in mind, we can help you realise it, have a look at our products section to get an idea of some of the products we have produced for customers. If you have a specific location or feature you want to incorporate into a lighting plan, rest assured we can provide you with an exceptional solution.

  • Challenges on site and solutions needed.

Usually with most projects there are considerations to keep in mind, by being aware of the following from the outset, they can be easily remedied. Below we have compiled a listing of items to consider:

  1. Calculated width, height, shape of place to be decorated.
  2. Weather conditions like usual wind direction.
  3. Use of outdoor or indoor solutions (both available from Rossa Lighting).
  4. Light Tresspass – When lighting is not diffused, or shines directly into the eyes of street users, this can be a huge issue but Rossa Lighting can deal with this on your behalf.
  5. Plant and machinery needed for installation (aerial work platforms/abseiling may be required to complete installation.
  6. Day or night work involved – traffic regulation may be need to be organised.
  7. Have all the relevant additional people or authorities been informed about the lighting project.
  8. Quality of fixing walls and poles – many towns streets have old walls on buildings to which “normal” fixing products like rawl bolts may not lock into securely, and they may “Pull Out” under Torque (stress) like for example due to weather conditions. In these cases, other special brackets, multiple fixings and safety chains may be required.
  • Warranty conditions and insurance information.

Rossa Lighting do offer warranty (all risks, whist evaluate site construction for extra risks). In relation to town lighting projects, towns generally have insurance (public liability insurance is expected), insurance in relation to the lighting covers installation and takedown only.

  • Timeline, budget and finance conditions.

As mentioned previously in this piece, planning early and starting the lighting project process as soon as possible is highly recommended. By establishing a timeline for a lighting project it allows for the project to roll out while also allowing for any unforeseen circumstances. Coupled with a time line, knowing your budget and finance conditions allows Rossa Lighting to present you with options that are specifically tailored to your spend.  We will always strive to give you the best products and service at the most affordable pricing.

So with all that above in mind,

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We look forward to hearing from you and answering any questions you may have!

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