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Welcome back again readers,

As the weather forecast for Dublin gets ever wetter this August, we are reminded that the days will soon become shorter as we get closer to Autumn. What does this mean? Well, there is simply no better time to add some colour to your indoor and outdoor!

Lately, there has been an increase in the demand for indoor LED Strip lights. We noticed that many customers do not know how to choose simple LED strip lights. That is why this week, we at Rossa will highlight the 4 Things to Look for When Buying LED Strip Lights.

To start:

1. IP Rating.

       The IP Rating shows the level of sealing/safety of electrical products from intrusion. So the higher the rating, the safer the product is from dirt, water or cuts that could expose the wires. We recommend you choose a product that is IP44 or higher. See our list of indoor specials to see more.

2. Brightness.

       Let’s be frank, most indoor LED strip lights are used for leisure. So you probably don’t want lights that are very bright. So when you decide to buy your preferred LED lights, make sure to select a product that has a 3528 LED or 2835 LED label. If you’d prefer something a little brighter, then go for the 5050 LED. 

3. Power Supply.

       This is not an issue as our Rossa agents know exactly what you need for your indoor business needs. You can always find the voltage of the LED strip lights on the label. But as a simple guide, always make sure your power supply has a higher voltage than your LED lights. So if your lights have a wattage of 100, your power supply should be 200.

4. Price.

       Well, this is last on our list but clearly not least. A good product does not have to cost mere change, a great product does not have to break your bank. So click here to check out our array of LED lighting solutions for you.

Now you know exactly what to look for when selecting LED lights for your personal or business use ☺


The Ross Team.

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