Christmas Light decoration in Ireland

Best Places to see Christmas Light decoration in Ireland

Christmas is a season of joy, laughter, family, and festivities. It is a time for traditions for many people, and one such custom that is popular in many countries is putting up Christmas lights. Christmas light decoration in Ireland are usually put up during the weeks leading up to December 25th. A lot of people take the time to walk around and enjoy these ornamental decorations that create a special mood in the air and add a bit of magic to the season of joy.

There is no shortage of such creatively decorated light spectacles in Ireland. Whether it is a storefront, a lamp post, a decoration across the street, or a house, creatively decorated Christmas lights set the mood for the festivity. From the light displays in Dublin to the charming villages in the countryside, there is a spot for everyone to enjoy the spirit during Christmas.
Thus here are some of the best places to see Christmas light decoration in Ireland:


Dublin is the most popular place in Ireland when it comes to viewing Christmas lights. The city comes alive with decorations in the weeks preceding the holiday. Some of the best places to see Christmas lights in Dublin include Grafton Street, Henry Street, O’Connell Street, and Temple Bar.


Galway has some of the most impressive displays, even though Galway may not be the first city that comes to mind when you think of Christmas lights. Eyre Square is home to the Galway Light Display, which features over 400,000 lights. Shop Street, the major thoroughfare, is decked out with decorations and dazzling lights.


Cork’s Christmas decorations are a lovely sight. The city center is decorated and illuminated with bright lights. Hence, any admirer of Christmas lights must visit the English Market in Cork.


One of Ireland’s most magnificent Christmas light displays can be seen in Kildare. A vast tree and several other decorations are lit up in the town center.

Killarney and Kilkenny

When the holidays arrive, the towns Killarney and Kilkenny come to life with lights and ornaments adorning the buildings and streets. The Christ Church Cathedral in Kilkenny and the christkindl market are two prominent venues to see holiday lights.

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