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Following from last week’s blog, we will talk about the various challenges that you may experience on site when carrying out your festive or Christmas lighting project. If you haven’t read our previous post on ‘How to Carry Out an LED Lighting Project’, please click Here.

Now that we got that sorted, let’s get right into it ☺


Some Site Challenges to Consider Before Carrying out your Lighting Project.

With all lighting projects, there are considerations to keep in mind. By being aware of the following from the outset, you can ensure that your project is carried out smoothly. See below for a list of items to consider:

  • Calculated width, height and shape of place to be decorated.
  • Weather conditions such as rain and wind direction.
  • Use of outdoor or indoor solutions (both available from Rossa Lighting).
  • Light Trespass – When lighting is not diffused, it can shine directly into the eyes of street users. This can be a huge issue but we have the expertise at Rossa to deal with this.
  • Plant and machinery needed for installation (aerial work platforms/abseiling may be required to complete installation.
  • Day or night work involved – traffic regulation may need to be organised.
  • Have all the relevant people or authorities been informed about the lighting project?
  • Quality of fixing walls and poles – many Irish towns have old walls on buildings to which “normal” fixing products like rawl bolts may not lock into securely.  These may “Pull Out” under stressful conditions like bad weather. In these cases, other special brackets, multiple fixings and safety chains may be required.


Suggested Solutions.

  • Warranties and Insurance Information.

We do offer warranties at Rossa Lighting (whilst evaluating site construction for extra risks). In relation to town lighting projects, towns and city councils generally have public liability insurance. As well as insurance related to the installation of lighting covers and take-down only.

  • Timeline and Budget Conditions.

As stated in the last blog post, planning early and starting the lighting project process as soon as possible is highly recommended. By establishing a timeline for a lighting project, it allows for the project to roll out while also allowing for any unforeseen circumstances. 

Knowing your budget and finance conditions also allows Rossa Lighting to present you with options that are specifically tailored to your budget.  We will always strive to give you the best products and service at the most affordable pricing.


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