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Dear small business owners,

Since COVID-19 measures were uplifted around Ireland, we have noticed a new trend in Ireland which was not common before – outdoor dining. Previously, dining in was an Irish tradition. But with COVID-19 measures preventing people from dining indoors, many Irish restaurants and pubs have had to become even more creative. 

Today, the outdoor additional spaces of restaurants, bars and hotels have never been more important. More spaces have been made on the streets for peckish and thirsty customers to sit down and enjoy their food and drinks. This is a culture that is very common in warmer European countries like Spain, Greece and Italy.

And with the growing popularity of outdoor dining in cities like Dublin, this new form of entertainment could be here to stay. And yes – even through the rainy and winter periods. All clients need is the right atmosphere and the right amount of outdoor lighting. That is why we are here, click here to see more!!

Like they say: necessity is the mother of invention. Understandably, our summers are very short. But with even more creativity, this new ‘Irish’ outdoor dining experience could flourish if Irish restaurant and bar owners simply light up! 

Here at Rossa , we have an amazing array of lights and outdoor decorations that will light up your outdoor entertainment areas, and make your customers come back for more. So what are you waiting for?? Click here to check out our showroom!!


The Rossa Team.

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